It's been very exciting to work with Jim Cordova. His motivation and drive for physical fitness has been very inspiring to me! I have always been a long distance runner, rarely lifting weights, and just doing the basics to get by. After I met Jim a couple years ago he had inspired me to do a competition! He started me on a structured work-out and nutritional plan. He was so excited for me to do well and pushed me hard, but it was worth it!

I competed in my very first contest in 2006 at a very competitive INBF show. With Jim's help, I broke the top five! From that point, I was driven even more. Jim modified my diet and exercise regimen as I prepared for another INBF show a few months later in New Jersey, where I placed 2nd! My next contest would be the most challenging to date, the 2007 INBF Worlds. Preparation was a blast and I placed 2nd in a highly competitive Figure class with over a dozen other contestants!

I've learned so much from Jim in such a small amount of time. He has inspired and motivated me beyond words! Working with him has led me to a very exciting place in my life. I love the fitness industry and it has opened many doors for me. I have been photographed for Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness, am now a spokeswoman for a health and nutrition company, and have recently began working for as a representative!

Thank-you so much Jim for your friendship and encouragement! You are an amazing trainer that has taught me so much!

Sarah Hansen

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