In June of 2007, after spending 2 years in the Cayman Islands working as an accountant, I had just won my pro card with the WNBF at the Caribbean Grand Prix. I headed back to Canada to further my career in accounting and become a partner and promoter for INBF Canada. With my flight to New York already booked and my application in for Best Body, I struggled to find a way to train myself for the show as I had left my personal trainer back in Cayman. I decided to see what I was capable of doing and I trained myself, flew to New York and surprised myself by winning the tall class in Best Body and placing 2nd overall.

A few months after the show, I was lost. I knew I wanted to train for a full year, put on some much needed size and compete again in 2008. Typically, I would just use a routine that someone had given me, but it basically consisted of what had worked for them. Not one person ever took the time to analyze my personal needs so that I could speed up my progress. My former plan did get me as far as I have come this far, but my progress has stagnated for quite some time. Again, I was at a loss as to what I should do to bring myself to the next level.

It was then that I came in contact with Jim, and it couldn’t have happened at a better time! He has been very specific with what we are working toward and is guiding me with a training program and meal plan to guide me to this goal. In the very short time that we have been working together, he has been very prompt in getting back to me with every question or concern I have had. In fact, what I really like about working with Jim is that he is quick to respond, is very detailed, and he has never made me feel as though I was bothering him no matter how many questions I had.

Jim has been very insightful! The biggest thing is that his workouts are very detailed, as to the angle, degree, feet width etc., and I have had no problem knowing what he wants me to do. The videos make things very simple and clear-cut! His workouts and diet have been structured to my body and my goals. With help from the videos and his coaching, I was able to realize what I was doing wrong and was able to fix it. He could even tell how effective the workouts were by my level of soreness, among other things, and was able to guide me toward the correct implementation of the exercises. As of 5/1/08, we will have been working together for nearly two months and I can already see my shoulders starting to improve! Overall, I can say that Jim has completely taken me under his wing and is guiding me all the way to the Best Body this year and I look forward to continually progressing and making my mark in figure competition, as well!

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