by Jim Cordova

Ladies, upon the consideration of hiring a trainer, I bet you think a bodybuilder is going to make you big and bulky, don’t you? This is a common and totally understandable fear that I encounter almost on a daily basis whenever I sit a potential female client down for a consultation. I hope to cancel out this misconception with what follows, while basing the truth on a few important facts that should make sense to you. I’ll begin with the most shocking of them all: When it comes to the stimulation of muscle, regardless of whether your goal is to build or tone your physique, no one can do it better than a bodybuilder!

You see, it takes a relatively high-level of intelligence to build a world class bodybuilding physique simply due to the complexity of stimulating every fiber of the body to meet the standard of balanced proportion. I will admit, as in any profession, there are a few bodybuilders that are caught up with the wrong mindset, however the vast majority that have pursued a career in professional training have enough common sense to suggest the obvious fact that women do not hire them to become muscular. Yet even if, by some odd stroke of luck, you do make the mistake of hiring one and he pulverizes you with endless sets of power-lifts, chances are astronomically high that you still won’t bulk up simply because most women just don’t have the genetics or hormones for massive muscular hypertrophy. Those gigantic women that you see in the magazines are either loaded up on incredible amounts of male hormones and/or have an extremely rare disposition to grow muscle. Rest assured that if you endure the most rigorous bodybuilding routine around, there are still a dozen other sound reasons as to why you will never bulk up!

Like a sculptor that uses his tools to fashion every area of his sculpture to be perfectly symmetrical, a bodybuilder uses specific exercises and principles to stimulate every area of the human body with the same purpose. Moreover, a bodybuilder goes through varying training phases, two of which are to make the muscles grow to extremes in addition to bringing out separation and detail to make them look as toned as possible. This consists of two relatively distinct training styles, involving the manipulation of key principles with the goal of achieving a predictable outcome. This means it is most advantageous for you to hire a bodybuilder because they know precisely what it takes to tone every single strand of fiber of every single muscle group in your body to any degree possible! But wait, it gets even better! Being that we are so in tune with the musculature of the human body, when it comes to designing a regimen geared around the avoidance of bulking up, you won’t find a better candidate than a bodybuilder for knowing exactly what not to do!

A top-level bodybuilder has mastered the art of training in such a way that he or she is in complete control of stimulating even the most infinitesimal section of a particular body part to achieve a given type of result. Maybe you will at least get a laugh out of the fact that the most common obstacle that a present-day bodybuilder faces is getting the last millimeter of fat out of the most common area of fat storage - the buttocks region - with the sole purpose of creating visible muscle striations in that area! Think about the staggering complexity of that for a second. I am talking about an athlete with more muscle tone than anyone on the planet applying techniques to get a few inches of the gluteus maximus to become so toned that muscle striations are revealed! I don’t know a single woman who desires a posterior to become that toned, but I have met many that seek a much milder version of such firmness, even pointing out small areas that the average trainer could not stimulate if their life depended on it.

Ironically, you might have much more to worry about when hiring a trainer that is not fully accustomed to bodybuilding-style training. So the next time you walk into a gym with a desire to hire a trainer, don’t be so quick to write off the one with all of those big muscles. More than likely, he or she is the ideal candidate to guide you toward the exact degree of muscle tone that you seek, while taking the most accurate protective measures against bulking up, accomplishing your fitness goals both as safely and rapidly as possible!