“A picture is worth a thousand words”. After looking at my after pictures, I knew I had surpassed all expectations beyond my wildest dreams. I shattered all my weekly and long term goals.

I would never have believed that such changes were possible, especially because I was not an athlete in my younger days. I always had a mental block about my abilities and capabilities and had to reach way down inside myself to accomplish my goals. My hard work and commitment to Jim made it possible for me to taste success and its sweet flavor. Now I know what the saying: “You Reap What You Sow” means! I am indeed proud of all that I have accomplished in my 12-week transformation.

Each week, I could feel how my body was getting stronger and my physical endurance increasing keeping me all the more determined to go beyond what I set out to accomplish. It wasn’t long before my self confidence began to skyrocket.

I was very fortunate to have met and trained with Jim Cordova throughout this transformation. His personal expertise, knowledge and motivation were the added edge I needed to get me over the obstacles that I was never able to overcome on my own. What more could anyone ever want, then to have Mr. Universe in your corner!!

Thank you Jim,
Doyle Hayes

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