Phone Consultations

It is quite surprising what I can reveal to you in a thirty minute conversation! If necessary, pertinent information discussed during the call will be followed up via e-mail. During the busiest period of contest season, there may be a wait-time of up to one week before contact, so don’t delay if you desire last minute contest preparation information! Phone sessions must be purchased and scheduled in advance and cancelled within 24-hours to avoid being charged for the session.

Price: $50 for thirty-minutes.

Guest Posing

Usually I perform close to competition dates and am known to show up to guest posing events in outstanding condition! If you would like me to guest pose at your show, please contact me as soon as possible for booking, fees, and to ensure adequate time for preparation.

Fitness Camps

I frequently participate in fitness camps across the nation and put forth an extreme level of passion and effort into my presentation! If you are holding an upcoming fitness camp and would like me to attend, please contact me to discuss the details.

Health and Nutrition Consultations

If you are located near my headquarters in Long Island, New York, please feel free to contact me to schedule a free fitness consultation! At the very least, I will cancel out many fitness and nutritional related misconceptions and broaden your horizons in terms of revealing your full potential to you!

Group Lectures

Do you own a company or organize workshops for employees or civic groups and need lecturers? If so, contact me to hear one of the most informative and invigorating fitness and nutritional lectures that you have yet to experience! In most cases I will come on location and provide informative, motivational lectures in the areas of health and fitness, free of charge.